1. you would have filled in a registration form and probably sent in a video audition on the reg form or by email or even WhatsApped your video entry to 0877724453 ( with child's name attached ) which led you to viewing our pages on

2. your video was viewed by our video judges team , which consists of members of our teenstars team with over 30 years musical and entertainment experience , your child would have been judged on his or her vocal ability and that they would have showed signs in the video that our team members can work with . they would also have shown that they are somewhat confident or simply have the ability to learn and allow us work with them and build their confidence . this along with the first step taken by even sending a video in helps us to access what they might be capable of .

3. congrats you've qualified and your video sent in is now on our page for all to see , this also allows members of our team to see the type of performances qualified by other members of the Teenstars Team . after all they will be working with them and also may be future judging them . ( please note while filling in a registration form you have given us express permission to use your video on our Teenstars Ireland page on Facebook , if for any reason you wish not to have us use your video you can email a request to remove it from our page and we will do so within 24 hrs ) 

4. The video's up , we then start the process at HQ of putting the right blend of ages and experienced kids from the video auditions into show dates , which will be forwarded after the closing date for video entries some time in Jan 2021. once that's done we have decided to go back to our roots for Teenstars 2020/21 . each child will be afforded two show dates . performance show date one's score card will be added to show date number two .


5. WHY TWO SHOWS , well we learnt that some kids are very nervous first time out , they also may be slightly ill , but have still shown up to perform . no child should be sent home from the teenstars stage and knocked out of a contest because of this , its unfair and knocks their future confidence , we have experienced this at other talent shows and it has devastated kids , especially the younger ones .


6. knock out stages are after both score cards have been added together , this may not be the end of your child's journey with Teenstars either as we have also got our wildcard shows , wildcard shows are designed as a chance for those who were on the fringes of qualifying to get a second bite of the cherry so to speak .

your child may have shown a growing sign of confidence and needs a small bit of work to push them that bit further in the competition , it also gives the judges a chance to help them progress too .


7. so we have our qualifiers . now it's time for the real knockout stages . all shows are of mixed ages , the reason we do this is the shows are more lively and the younger performers feed off the older ones .

those who have been chosen for the wildcard shows will get the chance to progress straight from the wildcard shows into our Teenstars all Ireland semi finals . being a wildcard entry isn't a step down two of our wildcard children have gone on to become Teenstars champions in both the junior and senior sections all they need was a little help and push in the right direction .


8.At every show we qualify half of the kids from these shows example 30 kids in any show means 15 of them progress to the next stage all the way through to the All Ireland Grand Finals .  the judges only judge each age groups against each other   7yrs to 13yrs against each other and 14yrs to 19yrs against each other all children's ages are printed on show score cards so the judges know the age of each child . 

9. Teenstars has been acclaimed as the best run pre-teen and teenage singing contest in Ireland , this claim comes directly from parents and children themselves , we simply love what we do , we treat every child as a equal regardless of age , greed, colour or ethnic background or stage experience . teenstars for the past 7 years has been a direct link to the late late toy show entries , voice kids uk , the voice uk , Ireland and Britons got talent also the junior Eurovision song contest .


10 , we want you to have fun , that means everyone from parents to grand parents brothers and sisters aunts and uncles , your Teenstars journey starts right now , once your video hits our Facebook page , 


It's vital when performing at teenstars you enjoy your experience with us , if you don't we want to know why , it's a family show for families and the aim is for everyone to have fun on the journey to the all Ireland finals . 

WHY choose the scientology centre for the Teenstars All Ireland final . 

simple answer is it's a incredible 1032 seater auditorium with one of Ireland's top stage , lighting and sound equipment arena's made available to the public . Teenstars and the Twomey family have no affiliation with the practice of scientology we simply choose to rent the venue to provide Irelands young talent with a stage befitting their talents . please remember we are here on the phone at anytime to answer question about Teenstars on 0877724453